Janine is a change/organisational development consultant and an experienced coach, group facilitator and designer of workshops. Janine has over 15 years’ experience in organisational development and coaching in Asia Pacific, London and Vienna. She has worked with clients in the financial, pharmaceutical and media industry. Janine has specialised her work in agility, teaming and female leadership.

Recent Projects

Some of her recent projects included:

Female Leadership Programme – a 6-month programme of monthly group coaching sessions and exercises, dealing with self-leadership, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, establishing new (agile) work practices.

Transition coaching – coaching of individuals who, in order to get to the next level, needed to transition from technical specialist to management. Through coaching, clients were able to find balance in the triangle of tensions between their authentic self, what was expected from them and what emerged in their direct environment.

Building a change capability in HR – a client needed their global HR network to be able to deal with the many changes expected in their pharma sector. Change fatigue was common. Janine developed an emergent change management programme to build HR’s change capability so that the organisation could be ‘always ready’.

Agile team coaching – in the process of rolling out a large-scale emergent change project, the team applied agile techniques to ensure the project was successful. Coaching was provided to facilitate the adoption of this agile process.


Janine’s work is grounded in Gestalt philosophy, which trusts that people are self-organising and can develop their own creative solutions to their situation. Some of these solutions, or habits, may have been successful in the past and may not be as effective in the current situation. Through experimenting in the current situation with new behaviours, people can learn new ways and let go of old habits. In her coaching and workshops, she’ll focus on the here and now, experimentation and inquire with individuals and teams into a vision for the new situation.

Experience & Education

After seven years in account management and L&D at Ogilvy & Mather, Janine transitioned to people consultancy at EY. Janine has worked closely with clients in the banking, insurance, media and pharma sectors. Her work often focused on designing organisational development interventions in partnership with the client, alongside with coaching of individuals and teams. She holds an MSc in Organisational Development and has undertaken research in change, agility and contingent workforce management. She also holds an MSc in Psychology and Counselling and is qualified in MBTI, Social Styles and SCRUM. She is fluent in Dutch and English and speaks basic German.

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