Agility & Change

The Agile Workplace: How this impacts the Employee-Organisation relationship

There have been many books (e.g. Teal Organisations, the Exponential Organisation, Why does anyone want to work here? etc)  describing a different type of organisation. Often called the agile organisation: one that engages employees, less hierarchy, lets them work with purpose, allowing failure to encourage innovation.

At the same time, employees have started to prefer portofolio careers, building their career from experiences rather than ranking in a hierarchy. Wanting to work with a purpose for the greater common good.

What impact do these phenomena have on the organisation-employee relationship? The way of working together?

Research has found that much more is depending on the relationship between the team or the group leader and the employees than ever before. Teaming and the qualities of the group leader as a facilitator rather than the ‚head of‘ is detrimental to success.

Many group leaders confuse agile management with being flexible for any idea or change, causing the team to be stressed. What is often forgotten is that the group leader holds the very important task to generate the right conditions for creativity, innovation and working together. How does the group leader „hold the space“ of working?

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Becoming Agile

So there you have it, like so many organisations, also your department has been told to become more agile. What does it mean to be agile ? Well several corporate videos have probably already informed you (if not, watch one here by the Harvard Business Review). One of the aspects of agility is about creating flatter decision making structures, letting employees self-organise and empowering them to run with their ideas so that the organisation can be more innovative and faster. That’s a lot of change for most departments. How can this be done in a solid manner to make sure people don’t just play lip service to it but actually have a stronger department?

With many of us being familiar with the change-curve – we all know that any change – whether positive or negative is faced with a lot of pessimism. It takes time, planning, strong leadership and positive ‘nudging’ to get to where you want the department to be. There are many interventions and initiatives that can help departments to get there. Knowledgeable support in the planning of these is important, but ownership by teams within your department is key. Contact me to learn more.

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