6 April 2019: Holding Space for Self-Organising Teams

How do you hold the space for your teams?

As a leader or coach, how do you influence the teams you work with? When they are self-organising or more in a classical hierarchical setting? Whether you are a top-down leader or a ‘servant-leader’ working with teams in an agile context, you hold the very important task to generate the right conditions for creativity, innovation and collaboration. In this knowledge and digital economy, now more than ever, how you ‘hold the space‘ of working will influence team dynamics and their ability to perform.

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Purpose of the workshop

This workshop will explore the difference of how teams relate to leadership in an agile context versus in the more classical hierarchical setting. In both settings the role of the leader or facilitator is crucial and can encourage or discourage a team to perform. How do you manage the tension between leading, coaching and contributing?

27 March 2019: Theorie U: Presencing

The free online course from has now started and for people who are participating we are running another event to connect. This time we’ll focus on Presencing: Stepping into the Future

The event will be held in German:

Komm zu unserem nächsten freien Trainings-Workshop am 27.03.2019

Themen sind diesmal:

  • Presencing: In die Tiefe des U Prozesses gehen
  • Übung: Das Feld der Zukunft beschreiten (Stepping into the Future)

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Workshop-Teilnahme ist für alle neu hinzukommenden als auch für alle bereits involvierten Member oder Interessenten offen und kostenlos. In den Workshops bekommen alle auch die Gelegenheit – sofern sie möchten – in neue oder bestehende CoachingZirkel (Übungs-Peergruppen) aufgenommen zu werden.

Empfohlene Voraussetzung für die Workshop-Teilnahme ist das eigenständige Mitlernen beim derzeit laufenden Theorie U Online-Grundkurs. Einstieg noch möglich. Kostenlose Online-Kursteilnahme hier.

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