Executive Coaching

“I’ve been tapped on the shoulder for a promotion, if only I can change this...”
Transition Coaching

It’s wonderful to be told you have the potential for the next position. However, sometimes this comes with a short or long list of things to change. The next position often requires different skills than what you have needed up to now. “What got you here, ain’t going to get you there” is the famous saying. You may need to show more authority, more people rather than technical skills or have a larger external network, or often, the internal network is the difficulty. How can you make this transition more smoothly?

“People have mental maps with regard to how to act in situations. This involves the way they plan, implement and review their actions. It is these maps that guide people’s actions rather than the theories they explicitly espouse. What is more, few people are aware of the maps or theories they do use.” – Chris Argyris.

Six executive coaching sessions is often sufficient to learn, experiment and obtain that new skill that is required in your next position. Discover your mental map and contact me to create a coaching plan.

“Somehow this team is so difficult to manage!”
Team Dynamics Coaching

You may have lead wonderful teams and never had any trouble, and suddenly this team is giving you a headache. What’s going on? You may have tried several things but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s quite hard to experience this – a negative team or team-member.

When you are in a difficult team, self-protection is a natural instinct. Amy Edmondson states that: “It’s not possible to look good or be right all the time when collaborating on an endeavor with uncertain outcomes.

But when you’re concerned about yourself, you tend to be less interested in others, less passionate about your shared cause, and unable to understand different points of view. So it takes conscious work to shift the culture”.

It requires a deep shift within oneself to stay curious, empathetic and passionate. A systemic approach can generate that shift. Exploring this with coaching can help to generate a deeper understanding of team dynamics and finding a solution that works for all.

Female Leadership
Individual or Group Coaching

Somehow, somewhere between all equal pay and opportunity legislation, women can still feel discriminated against or feel that the next level is not for them. Whether you can’t find any female role-models in your organisation or perhaps you feel it’s just not you, it could also be that some automatic thinking is going on that keeps you withholding your potential.

It could be the work pressures or pressures at home, something can hold women back from the full possibilities that are available. Discussing this with other women helps. Contact us for further information or simply start by reading this book: Playing Big by Tara Mohr.