What is ODC?

I founded ODC initially to be able to do independent contract work concentrated on OD and coaching for clients. My previous work in consulting was often focused on such large scale change work that I felt I had lost the direct contact with employees or individuals. So my work focuses now on small-scale change work, team and individual coaching where being in contact with oneself and others is the primary focus. How we relate to others, the project or organisations deeply effects how well we feel and how we impact our work and the world.
Secondly, I wanted to start a network that would be connected to other human relations thinkers in the world. Therefore, you will find some articles, books and connections from other people or organisations like the Tavistock Institute, Effectuation.org, Schumacher college and Gestalt. I’ll work together with some other people in this network to run Action Research projects and share research findings on this website. Contact me if you would like to become part of this network.

So what’s with the trapeze artists?

Any change, whether an individual or an organisational change can feel like a ‘trapeze-jump’. We may need a few practice rounds, a safety-net before we are able to let go of the bar and make our jump. Often you can imagine what the jump might feel like, long for it, but hey, you’re just not ready yet. Your’e not able to let go of the old way. But then suddenly, the time is right and you can jump into your new vision. It would be an honour to support you through this.

Organisational Development in times of change

Organisation development (OD) has many different definitions but for me it is the study and design of interventions for successful organisational change and performance. My OD work focuses on aligning organisations with their rapidly changing and complex environments through organisational learning, decision making and transformation of organisational norms and values.

Interventions could be a leadership development programme, a vision for change workshop, team coaching but also Action Research or an Open Space event.

Individual and Group Coaching

So what happens in coaching? In coaching you have the chance to share where you feel stuck or experience difficulties confidentially with another person. You may experience stress at work and we can explore coping strategies or you may feel stuck in your job and would like to explore alternative options. Through certain exercises and explorations we work together to increase awareness of what is going on and what might limit you from achieving what you want to achieve. Through experimentation you can try out new behaviours in a safe environment and explore if that could achieve your desired goal.

Coaching can also take place in a group. The benefit of group coaching is that through the interaction with others you can observe how another person deals with similar issues. Groups (6-8 participants), offer a huge amount of support and insight. Current running groups are:

Self-esteem group
Female leadership group

My coaching is grounded in Gestalt philosophy, which trusts that people are self-organising and can develop their own creative solutions to their situation. Some of these solutions, or habits, may have been successful in the past and may not be as effective in your current situation. Through experimenting in the current situation with new behaviours, you can learn new ways and let go of old habits. In my coaching, I’ll focus on the here and now, experimentation and inquire with individuals and groups into a vision for a desired new situation.

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