Organisational Development

Temporary Teaming
How can I make project teams work when things change so fast?

“Building the right culture in an era of fast-paced teaming, when people work on a shifting mix of projects with a shifting mix of partners, might sound challenging – if not impossible. But, in my experience, in the most innovative companies, teaming is the culture” – Amy Edmondson

Projects get larger and more complex and people need to be pulled in, brought up to speed fast and switched to another part of the project when needed. Pressure on managers is mounting to find the right resources (internally or externally) at the right time and agree with the employee or contractor a way forward. Not so easy. How to make sure everyone is onboarded such that it doesn’t disrupt the project?

“When initiating activity in problem solving it is always best to let the team identify their own problems. I never yet saw a team that wasn’t interested in solving a problem they were interested in”. Kemball Fisher, author of “Leading Self Directed Work Teams”.

Research has shown that managing so-called ‘Temporary Teams’ is not so easy: it requires a delicate balance of leadership & facilitation and a good dose of people dynamics knowledge. Having yourself and several people in your team trained in ‘Temporary Teaming’ helps to make this a fluid and self-organised process. Read more in ‘Teaming’ by Amy Edmondson or contact me for further information.

Leadership Development
Through Group Coaching & Action Inquiry

You could be a small or large organisation but funds to provide your high potential with leadership development can be low and you’re risking to loose your best people. What can you do to make and keep this group of people the powerful engine you need for your organisation with a low budget? Action Inquiry.

What is Action Inquiry?

Action Inquiry is a fresh approach to helping individuals and organisations learn in the midst of the cut and thrust of daily action. “Action Inquiry” is a highly accessible process whereby we can go beyond muddling through daily dilemmas to exercise transforming power at key moments, as well as timely action on a continual basis.

This process not only allows for the correction of errors before they have negative consequences for business outcomes and trust, but can also be experienced as a pleasurable and energizing dance as a critical mass of colleagues join in, creating a positive climate for ongoing learning.

“Finite players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries.”
― William R. Torbert, Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership

In Action Inquiry Groups, high potentials work on Inquiries for themselves as well as the organisation. High potentials will gain not only a high level of people knowledge, trust in each other but also strong coping mechanisms to deal with complex problem situations and lead the future of your organisation.